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Oakhurst Medical Centers

Healing Our Community One Home at a Time

Oakhurst is your affordable, accessible, primary care provider.

Oakhurst provides affordable, accessible, quality primary care services to ethnically diverse patients and their families. As a grassroots medical option for the underserved and uninsured, Oakhurst saves the county and state money by providing primary care to those who would typically seek help in an emergency room setting for non-emergency problems. Oakhurst continues to be the healthcare safety net for Dekalb, Fulton and Rockdale Counties County

“Service at Oakhurst Clinic exceeded my expectations. The people here were very nice and friendly. The intake specialists and the nurses were helpful and polite. The doctor appeared to be very knowledgeable and was able to explain in layman terms my diagnosis. I feel very comfortable at this clinic and plan to return in the future.”
– M. Gibson

Our History

Oakhurst was founded by Oakhurst resident and Decatur Mayor Emeritus Elizabeth Wilson out of her advocacy for the elderly and poor residents in her community and the disparity in healthcare services. Oakhurst grew quickly from virtually no funding and one or two staff volunteers to several sites and a multi-disciplined staff including doctors, nurses, social workers, a nutritionist, a contract dentist and an ophthalmologist. Its impact on the community was significant, providing preventive care to hundreds of medically underserved area residents.

The Oakhurst community then underwent revitalization and many patients moved to the Stone Mountain area. As a result, in 1998, Oakhurst relocated to the City of Stone Mountain where it’s main clinic is today. Its expanded facility and services enabled the center to serve even more residents in need while continuing care for many existing patients. Demand continued to grow and the center was renovated in 2010 to a total of 13,500 square feet. The new space accommodated advanced diagnostic equipment such a state of the art ultrasound machine producing 4D images – and space was added to its OB/GYN and other areas, all much needed.

Our Expansion

Four locations were added and new services and programs were developed over the years to meet the growing demands and needs of DeKalb and Rockdale communities. In fact, Oakhurst experienced a 20% growth in patients in 2011 over 2010. As a result of seemingly endless demand, Oakhurst recently built a new main facility with 24,000 square feet that was completed December, 2013. Today, Oakhurst continues to thrive and live its mission by offering the scope and quality of healthcare services it has come to be known for to those who need help most.


Oakhurst Medical Centers provides quality, affordable, comprehensive healthcare services that are culturally sensitive and accessible to all in metropolitan Atlanta.


Leading people to healthy lifestyles and improved health outcomes.

Oakhurst Medical Center's Leadership

With strong leaders and board members, Oakhurst strives to heal our community

Board of Directors

The Oakhurst Board of Directors consists of dedicated volunteers, more than half of which are Oakhurst patients and represent the community we serve. These dedicated members of the community are elected to three-year terms and are responsible for governance, defining and monitoring policies to guide the organization, and strengthening our programs and services for the communities we serve.

Daphne Byrd


Clara Cobb

Vice Chair

Christina Ottis


Frankie Barnes


Brian Williams, MD


Felipe Claybrooks


Ziyad Hassan


Brian Gaither


Melia Haile


Rep. Michele Henson


D’Nyce Williams, MD


Jeff Taylor


Executive Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Medical Director

Chief Financial Officer

Director of Nursing

Director of Operations

Director of Fundraising and Development

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